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Colin Koopman on "The Algorithm and the Watchtower"

Colin Koopman, co-editor of the foucaultblog, has just published an essay on "The Algorithm and the Watchtower" in The New Inquiry. In his view, "Bentham's proposal for a total visibility machine may be less important to these emerging universes of data than his contributions to the morality of utilitarianism and its assumption that our welfare can be measured. […] The form of power appropriate to this data flood is not so much panoptic as it is pan-analytic. We may still be docile disciplinary subjects who conceive of ourselves as constantly under the gaze of parents, teachers, and society at large, but we have also become subjects of our data, what I like to call 'informational persons' who conceive of ourselves in terms of the status updates, check-ins, and other informational accoutrements we constantly assemble." Read the whole piece here.

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