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featured: Group Interview on Ways of Doing Genealogy

Photo of Nancy Prison Revolt, 1972, by Gerard Drolc.

Preparing for a Critical Genealogies Workshop, to be held at the University of Denver on June 17–18, 2016, foucaultblog editor Colin Koopman conducted a group interview with some of the event's participants, namely Verena Erlenbusch, Simon Ganahl, Robert W. Gehl, Thomas Nail, and Perry Zurn. The methodological discussion focuses less on the interpretation of Foucault's work and more on the critical and transformative redeployment of Foucault's philosophical toolkit. What is most usable in Foucault's genealogical method for today's critical tasks? What is most unusable, or frustrating, in Foucault's library for us today? And who else might we turn to alongside Foucault for our critical, philosophical, and historical energies?

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