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The foucaultblog is the blogging platform of the peer-reviewed open access journal Le foucaldien. We post announcements around the activities of the journal and the Foucauldian community in general, but also publish shorter essays, interventions, and commentaries regarding the thought of the philosopher and historian Michel Foucault (1926–1984). While Le foucaldien is positioned as a high-quality journal for substantial research along Foucauldian lines, the foucaultblog is an explicitly open platform unfolding a digital space for more experimental and subjective forms of writing in English, German, and French. Possible subjects might include:

  • research about Foucault's thought in the sense of its interpretation, historicization, and contextualization;
  • research using Foucauldian concepts and methods like archaeology and genealogy, discourse and dispositif, heterotopia, biopower, parrhesia, etc.;
  • research confronting Foucault's work with more current approaches like media studies, digital humanities, post-colonialism, new materialism;
  • research along and even beyond Foucauldian lines such as surveillance studies and governmentality studies.